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Lone Star RV

Lone Star RV

Our way of working

Our business model

  • We'll find the vehicle you're looking for.

  • We'll let you know the total price delivered to your home address.

  • We'll give you detailed invoice so you know where your money is going to.

  • We'll do a proper background check on each vehicle we are going to buy so we can avoid the lemons.

  • You'll get documents and pictures of the vehicle. Including Carfax history report(USA)

  • The buying process - We'll do the paperwork and transferring the funds abroad.

  • Shipping - Abroad.

  • Freight forwarding and customs declaration - We will do the customs declaration and necessary paperwork for the customer.

  • Shipping - In Finland.

  • We'll do car registrations.

  • Necessary modifications and maintenances to get the vehicle registered.

  • Museum register inspections - We'll arrange them.

  • Our west cost location is excellent. Harbours and customs are close. Keeps running costs low!

  • Rockdale Motors Finland Ltd Is Finnish owned.

  • To get the best deal for you we compare prices on different market areas.

  • Our market areas are: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Austria.
    On special cases Baltic countries, Australia and New Zealand.