Who we are

Finnish owned and based corporation specialized for exporting/importing unique vehicles


Our roots goes to the early 2000's when we  imported motorcycles from Germany driven by strong enthusiasm to bikes. A year later we imported a full-size pick-up from Florida USA with huge amount of aftermarket parts with it. We also have some history for importing interesting cars from French Alps to Finland.  We got some good connections to Australia as well. After several cars, ATV's, spare parts, off-road vehicles it was clear that we were on right path for starting a company so we can help people all over the world!  Rockdale Motors Finland is enthusiast based and minded corporation specialized to acquire unique and rare vehicles and everything related to them. Doesn't matter if you need a Dodge Viper from Florida to Finland or your grandpa's Toyota Corolla from here to New York . We'll get it for you! Don't hesitate to contact us!

Rockdale Motors Finland Ltd

Some of our services listed below :

  • Importing vehicles and equipment
  • Exporting vehicles and equipment
  • Freight forwarding
  • Turn-key vehicle importing/exporting to your parking lot 
  • We'll allways do a full background check before buying anything. For example CarFax accident and history reports for USA vehicles
  • We just don't acquire vehicles. We'll see things like automotive enthusiasts
  • Our west coast location is perfect for  keeping running costs low!
  • We can also do a full vehicle restarations through our good business partners. We'll never let you stranded on your own!

Operational Area

North-America and Europe

  • Dodge Viper

    Pick-ups/SUVs, Passenger cars, Big Rigs, ATVs, Motorcycles  etc

  • Vintage OEM A/C system

    Hard to get  rare spare parts and NOS-parts

  • Dodge Dealer USA

    Buying and importing a new vehicle from North-America is not a problem for us!

  • Compound turbos

    Performance and aftermarket parts, also for motorcycles, ATVs etc!